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Natural Horsemanship

Natural Horsemanship is a way of life, a philosophy of working and understanding horses based on the horse's natural abilities and human/horse interactions and communication. It is about understanding that horses (and people for that matter) do not learn through fear and pain, rather from kind thoughtful and “natural” communication and interactions.

"I will tell you personally as a disciple of Ray Hunt ( I met Ray in 1982 in Montana and had the rare privilege of working with him) that natural Horsemanship is as much about horses as it is about people....so profound and so enlightening that I recommend it to everyone who wanted to learn this remarkable way of life and way of being."

Gene Kilgore

Please check with each ranch about the level of their programs, clinicians and how guests participate.


McGinnis Meadows  

This is a true horse and cattle ranch, and they incorporate guests into their way of life with the added feature of a high-end ambience

  • Open
  • Max Guests
  • Nearest Airport
  • Mar-Nov
  • 20
  • 70 miles

Rocking Z Guest Ranch

If you're looking for a ranch that specializes in Parelli Natural Horsemanship practices, you've come to the right place!

  • Open
  • Max Guests
  • Nearest Airport
  • All year
  • 22
  • 27 miles

Bitterroot Ranch

Serious riding and horsemanship program, offering Centered Riding, TTEAM and Natural Horsemanship clinics

  • Open
  • Max Guests
  • Nearest Airport
  • May-Sep
  • 30
  • 81 miles

The Hideout Lodge and Guest Ranch  

The staff at The Hideout will make your stay memorable; they are detail-oriented, down-to-earth and service-driven

  • Open
  • Max Guests
  • Nearest Airport
  • Apr-Nov
  • 25
  • 65 miles