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About Ranchvacations.com

It all began back in 1960 when, at the age of just seven, Gene Kilgore traveled with his family to a spectacular dude ranch nestled in the world famous Jackson Hole Valley, Wyoming,

Gene Kilgore founder of ranchvacations.com

Fast forward to today...

Some 62 years later, Gene is now recognized by American Express as 'The World’s Leading Authority on Guest Ranches' and 'the recognized authority' by the distinguished and coveted Andrew Harper Hideaway Report. 

Early on Kilgore worked as a cowboy on two famous Wyoming ranches. Over the years he has traveled thousands of miles exploring ranches in North and South America. As Gene likes to say:

Ranch vacations help us all reconnect with the natural rhythm of the earth and bring to us nature, camaraderie and goodness at their best. In an unpredictable world, a ranch vacation offers unforgettable hospitality and beautiful memories that last a lifetime. And that is really special.

Ranchvacations.com celebrates some of the best ranches in the world and brings the very best of ranch country to millions of travelers: singles, couples, families, and corporate and business groups who wish to escape big city life and rekindle, enjoy and connect with themselves, their loved ones and nature.

Whether you're looking to ride the trails on horseback, fly-fish, hike, sit round a campfire or share a meal with others from around the world, we're excited to bring to you Ranchvacations.com, a dedicated leader and proud ambassador for what just might be the greatest vacation on earth.

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Wishing you and yours safe travels and many more Happy Trails.