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Gene Kilgore, the champion of dude ranch vacations!

S.W., Arizona

Gene, you and everyone who is a part of Ranchweb have helped contribute to our success with your unwavering support, tireless efforts and true passion for what we all do in this industry. Tina, Sean and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the memories of 28 wonderful years shared with Ranchweb.

Gros Ventre River Ranch, Wyoming

Kilgore, the world’s leading authority on guest ranches.

American Express

Gene, you have been a great inspiration for the dude ranching industry and we very much understand your passion for it. You’ve been responsible for introducing people from all around the world to our way of life and so many lifelong friendships have been formed!

C.B., Montana

Our business has gained great benefits from Ranchweb and Top50 Ranches. Both have provided us excellent exposure to direct clients and travel agents

Top50 Ranches & Ranchweb member ranch

We would like to send a heartfelt thank you to you, Gene and your team for the last 10 years of inspiration and support you have given us in the ranching industry. It has greatly contributed to our success as a guest ranch and we look forward to the next 10 years together!

Ursula, Owner, Rancho Las Cascadas

Like all classics, you have to start with the original. Gene Kilgore has dedicated his life's work to our industry and has set the foundation for others to follow. We have benefitted from his commitment – he is the leader in the field and we are very grateful!


Ranchweb has absolutely helped contribute to our success!

Ranchweb member ranch

I want to express my overwhelming appreciation for all your efforts. You are the authority in this field, keep up the good work!


We stand in awe! You are like having all the railroads rolled into one and then accomplishing even more.


In the ranch world or otherwise, one can have no better friend than Gene Kilgore, an extraordinary gentlemen and the world’s foremost authority on guest ranches. Gene’s substantial marketing and networking efforts include: his paperback guide to ranch vacations, Ranchweb.com, Ranchvacations.com, Top50Ranches.com, Flyfishingranchesandlodges.com (and more!), that celebrate the great American traditions of ranching, while introducing guests to extraordinary ranch vacations in North and South America, and beyond. Thanks Gene, for connecting travelers, ranching and ranchers and most of all for telling the guest ranch story to the world.

Brooks Bradbury, Guest Ranch General Manager

Our best marketing by far, is by Top50 Ranches – most of our future guests reach out to us through Top50. I appreciate the way the emails are designed and we receive one email per interested party. This has not been our experience with other organizations that we have tried in the past and we are no longer with those organizations. And the personal service that we receive is excellent, Gene himself calls and checks in with us frequently. I think this is amazing. And they are always upping their game with new opportunities like being able to list jobs and being featured in the blog! You all rock and we couldn’t do business without you, thank you.

Chrissy & Dave McFarren, Owners & Managers of Badger Creek Ranch, Colorado

Gene Kilgore knows more about guest ranches than anyone on the planet (seriously!).

H.F., Wyoming

We have been thrilled to be a part of the Top50 Ranches and Ranchweb family over the years. From the innovative marketing ideas and the prominence of the websites, to the skillful leadership of Gene Kilgore, our business has gained great benefits from Ranchweb and Top50 Ranches. Both have provided us excellent exposure to direct clients and travel agents, and we love the way they allow potential guests to pinpoint the ranch that truly fits them. We all have different strengths as ranches and we appreciate the way Gene Kilgore steers people towards those who want what we offer.

Bitterroot Ranch, Wyoming

There are more experts on spas, cruises and ski resorts than stars in the heavens, but when it comes to dude ranches, Gene Kilgore is the expert, a star in his own right.

EV Travel Report

I thank you for all you have done and I get more inquiries from Top50 than from any other source

Deep Canyon Guest Ranch, Montana

We are deeply grateful to be a part of Top50 Ranches. The personal support and service that we receive from Gene Kilgore and his crew, is above and beyond! And, to top it off, the amount of bookings that we get through Top50 is fantastic!

Badger Creek Ranch, Colorado

Gene Kilgore single-handedly introduced dude ranch vacations to the world, encouraging travelers from all walks of life to visit these amazing places. Gene champions dude ranch vacations, starting with his book 'Ranch Vacations', creating Ranchweb, taking over the reins at Top50 Ranches, and launching Fly Fishing Vacations and Wellness Ranches. There is no better representation in the ranch vacations industry and to be associated with such a committed group of professionals, and represented globally is a distinct privilege.


Few, if any, people have the level of ranch vacation expertise Kilgore enjoys.


Gene, I truly could never thank you enough for helping me with countless ranch vacation decisions over the past 20 years. I have repeatedly used your two superb websites, Ranchweb and Top50 Ranches, and you have been so kind to personally spend hours answering my many questions. Only through your amazing help and detailed knowledge of ranches was I able to confidently select our family's ranch vacation for next year. It's off to Montana for all 51 of us and at a price tag close to $300,000, I wanted to find just the right ranch. Thank you, Gene, for helping me select the right one. I am forever grateful.

L.G., California

Thank you for all the help you gave me in determining where we should take our 16-strong multi-generational family. Without your guidance, I cannot imagine how we would have waded through all the choices to find the perfect fit. Your intimate knowledge of each and every ranch is unparalleled! Your introductions to the owners and managers, and your amazing website, Ranchweb.com, helped us tailor the trip so that each person, despite the age differences, will feel like it is designed for them. I’m spending almost $100,000, so it's vital I make the correct decision and with your guidance, I have no doubt we did. Thank you so much, I will be referring you to all my friends.

P.S., California

We're so thankful and appreciative to Ranchweb for recommending the ranch to a large family this summer, as it resulted in a huge $80,000 booking for us and was a big part of our business for the season. The family embraced the ranch and created many memories thanks to Ranchweb.

Rancher owner, Wyoming

Gene Kilgore, you certainly are the world leader in dude ranching and have done far more than anyone to further this wonderful American tradition.


Gene Kilgore holds the same passion not only for preserving the Western way of life, but for sharing the authentic ranch experience with travelers around the world. His genuine approach to making connections with not just business partners, but personally with everyone he meets, shines through every aspect of his business. We are grateful to work closely with Gene and his brands, and for building this ranch community based on friendly hospitality and care.

Brush Creek Ranch, Wyoming

In the case of Ranchweb, this is a definite YES!

Ranchweb member ranch

We've had the unique opportunity to grow alongside Gene Kilgore and his now vast empire, from the very beginning. For over 30 years, it has been our distinct pleasure to work with Gene, who is as genuine as he is innovative. His passion for promoting the Western experience and lifestyle has been instrumental in turning around this once-dying industry! He truly cares, takes the time to go the extra mile and it shows through in the results. Even now, with so many prominent ventures, he still prioritizes time to connect with his clients personally. Gene and his team reach out and check in regularly, to ensure that your business is receiving the absolute best exposure, directly to guests and travel agents alike. But he also cares how your family is doing and can’t wait to have you visit sometime when you’re in town! With so many options out there to choose from, their 'white-glove' client service sets them far above the rest, and their product and results speak for themselves. All of Gene’s sites give guests the opportunity to narrow in on what they really want on a clean and easy-to-use platform, enjoying the process along the way. It can be difficult to maintain something beautiful that is also fun to use for browsing and booking – they have truly achieved what they set out to create. We cannot express how thankful we are to Gene and his team, for bringing us along for the ride!

Triple Creek Ranch, A Montana Hideaway